Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rice pudding

When you're having an existential crisis (who, me?), few things can offer the comfort of rice pudding. It's not particularly hard to make, but those who want to save themselves from a lot of stirring can pop over to the rice pudding store on Polk St. and simply order a cup to go, all organic and totally delicious.
As someone who once gained about ten kilos eating rizogalo in Greece, I can only ask myself: Why didn't I think of this?

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sharon edgar said...

Jackie ~

This place is worth a pilgrimage. Another source, if you're really desperate, is any Trader Joe's or Kozy Shack anywhere. A Rice Pudding Emporium reminds me of Pizza Piccolo - probably not it's real name - in Larkspur. Soft serve with olive oil and sea salt. I know. Hard to believe. But just the memory of it brings peaceful dreams.

ooxx, Sharon