Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alfa Romeo 8C

Lovely coachwork by Pininfarina...another beauty from this year's Pebble Beach Tour

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sharon edgar said...

Good morning from a cool and foggy Sonoma County. I love days like this.

Will is just setting up his and cruised over to look at yours for some inspiration - which he got. Whilst there, I thought I might just link up. Or whatever.

I have two sites because I have two brains: one is the making bags to make some money - which is the Nice Sharon at, and the other is the True Sharon at lulumoretti.blogspot. com - lulu moretti being my nom-de-bouche for writings ( google lulumoretti ) describing those things that are so irrational I feel my brain is going to explode. Most of the lulu site was inspired by the human toadstool, Ms. Palin, last autumn.

Now, back to work. I feel like a spot of mohair and silk today. (my permutation)

ooxx, sharon