Monday, January 31, 2011

More fabulous bronzes, Cape Town

Part of a series of bronze friezes on the side of a building in Cape Town, SA. I have no idea from whence they date or who created them (or even which building they grace), but I liked the African imagery. It struck me as odd in a city that generally tries to keep Africa at a distance in favor of ersatz Britannia.

Penguins, Cape Town

The Stony Point Penguin Colony, full of happy, wild penguins...and a few Rock Hyrax, as well.

Atop Table Mountain, Cape Town, SA

Gee, that fog looks familiar...funny how all coastal cities are susceptible to it, even in summer. But it's rather atmospheric from above, and it makes Table Mountain even more spectacular.

Out my hotel window: Cape Town, SA

When only a view of Table Mountain will do: One&Only Resort, 4th floor.

Fabulous bronze casting, NYC

I'm not sure who was responsible for the wonderful bronze doors at the Madison Belmont building, 181 Madison at 34th St., New York City, but the 17-story building itself is the product of Warren & Wetmore, 1925.

Out my hotel window: NYC

Morgans Hotel, 7th floor

Monday, January 17, 2011

Canter's, Los Angeles

An essential stop on your way out of town when you live in San Francisco, where you can't get a decent bagel!

Century City, Los Angeles

Century City was the back lot for 20th-Century Fox until the studio had to sell it to make up for its losses on Cleopatra. Later, the buildings were used as part of the set for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ZRH: My new favorite airport

Okay, so neither the shopping nor the eating are as good as in Munich, but Zurich is my new favorite airport for ease of use and fast connections. It's also a rather handsome place to spend time, with nice lounges scattered throughout and cool architecture and design everywhere.