Monday, February 2, 2009

The zeppelin outside my window

What could be cooler than looking out the window to see an honest-to-God zeppelin flying past? Very little, I think!
The Airship Ventures zeppelin moors at the old dirigible hangar in Mountain View, Ca. It was built at Friedrichshaven, home of the great Zeppelinwerke Friedrichshaven that built the great zeppelins of the 1930s (and which now builds the transmissions and steering racks for BMW cars, among others). As big as this one is, it's only one-third the size of those airships, which must have been an incredible sight in the skies over Europe and the U.S. back in the day. (Iif you're wondering what the difference is between a zeppelin and a blimp, a zeppelin has an internal metal structure, which a blimp does not.)

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Anonymous said...

My friend was the communications engineer for the Apache 'copter so he had the ability to get on US military bases with impunity. One day, we drove to the Lakewood, NJ military base and found the spot where the Hindenberg crashed. There was only a simple sign to mark the spot. The hanger where it would have been stored was beyond huge...